Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

The website (the "Website") is owned by Juan Seguí Moreno sensed name (hereinafter: "senses"), residing at No. 1 Oliver Street, 03802, Alcoy, Alicante, Spain, CIF number 21680971-K. You can contact through the senses 96 633 15 88 644 22 15 88 or email:


logo and name "Acceseo Labs"as well as other distinctive signs (verbal or graphic) appearing on this site are the exclusive property of Acceseo Labs, so this is the only entity authorized to use.

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Similarly to as described in the preceding paragraphs, the domain names " , , , " and all those who serve to gain access to this site are the exclusive property of Acceseo Labs. Misuse of them would be an infringement of the rights acquired by registration and will be prosecuted by the means provided in the Law


The user is expressly authorized by Acceseo Labs to view, print, copy or store on your hard drive or other hardware, content and assets whether or not covered by an exclusive right ( except for computer programs), provided that this action is carried out for personal and private use of the user, or noncommercial distribution and modify, alter or reverse the said rights and content. This license is for personal use provided it is completed respected the warnings of copyright and industrial property are carried out, without this means the granting of any license to the user.

Any other use of content or intellectual creations of this site require the express written permission of Acceseo Labs.


Acceseo Labs reserves at all times the exercise of any means or legal action it in defending its legitimate rights of intellectual property against unauthorized use of the same or any action that might harm them.


cookies (persistent) are text files that are stored on the hard disk of the user's computer until it expires (persistent cookies are created with expiration dates) or until the user deletes them. Cookies do not allow the identification of the user's computer unequívoca, however, can be used to obtain some information about it.

Most browsers accept cookies automatically manages, however, this option can be disabled by the user by changing the settings on your browser.


links to the user during navigation can be found on this website let you leave this site.

The linked sites are not related, unless otherwise with Acceseo Labs, who is not responsible for content accessed through such links, or modifications to be carried out on them, nor those that use takes place, nor the technical availability of the same.

In any case, Acceseo Labs is committed to doing everything possible to avoid the existence on its website links to pages with illegal content, promote illegal activities, racist, xenophobic and generally capable of violating the principles of liberty and human dignity or violates the values and rights recognized by the Spanish Constitution and the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

the assumption that some users find that any links including the Website in any way impair their rights or whether it represents the smallest injury, just communicate by sending an email to, having the confidence that steps taken in this regard.



Acceseo Labs attempt to provide users of this site all the information in the most complete, accurate and up to date, does not guarantee the accuracy, currency and effectiveness of its content and services, and therefore, explicitly avoids any liability for any loss or damage of any kind that users may suffer by using the data collected, or any suspension, cancellation or unavailable for their content or services without need for advance notice.

Users should be aware however that the use of content and services on this site is at your own risk and under its sole responsibility, and that Acceseo Labs does not guarantee in any way:

  • Total operability or availability of their services. Bearing in mind that whenever possible, warn users of possible disruption in its operation as early as possible.
  • usefulness, accuracy, currency or infallibility of their content or services for decision making or execution of any particular activity
  • Absolute privacy in the use of this site should not be dismissed as the possibility that unauthorized parties have access to or use of the knowledge that users can make content or services and therefore excludes all liability in this respect.
  • No viruses. Acceseo Labs is not responsible for any damage caused by such programs, whose absence can not be guaranteed. However, it becomes known to the user to take all possible steps to minimize the maximum threat.
  • In any case,, so that they can make any comment, suggestion or correction of their choice, with in order to prevent or remedy any irregularity or incident as quickly and efficiently as possible.


    These Terms are governed by Spanish Law.

    effective and easiest way to request any clarification or to make any complaint, suggestion or comment, is to send an email to

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